School Sponsorship

Most of the problems in underdeveloped communities have a root in the lack of education opportunities for their people. Soweto is no exception. Take a stance against extreme poverty and sponsor one of our child's education!

Hannah Wanjiru

Hannah has been sponsored by Elena König from Germany. Elena, thank you so much for enabling Hannah to have an education!

Birthday: 12th of June 2003

Hannah is sixteen years old and lives with her parents, four sisters and a brother in the Soweto Slums in Kahawa, Nairobi. Their two parents work together by buying meat, preparing it at home and selling it in the slums. Unfortunately, their father addicted to alcohol and so the family still has to worry about its fitness for work.
Hannah would like to be a top lawyer. She loves the truth and wants to get it out of every criminal.

In her free time, Hannah likes to take care of her younger siblings, dance to African music and go to church with her mother. Her favourite color is pink, simply because it's the best colour ever.

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