Make A Donation

No matter how small or big, every donation can make a difference. Here you can find a link to easily make a donation to the Soweto Youth Initiative. Thank you for your generosity!

Emergency Fund

In the midst of the pandemic crisis, the Kenyan Government has announced tight restrictions throughout the county to enable social distancing. People in the slums are having hard times. Starvation and lack of hygiene settle in. Help us tackle this situation urgently in Soweto.
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feed a child

Hunger is one of the biggest problems facing the world. Unfortunately, many of our children in Soweto go to bed hungry, as their families lack the financial resources to give them enough food. With your help, we can make sure this reality changes!
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School Sponsorship

Most of the problems in underdeveloped communities have a root in the lack of education opportunities for their people. Soweto is no exception. Take a stance against extreme poverty and sponsor one of our child's education!
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General Donation

Make A General Donation
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