Here you can check out the work that we perform on the ground and the way we organize it. Through different programs and activities we aim to help our community on different but complimentary fronts!

Children’s program

This is a program in which we aim to nurture children from ages 2-14 years to be responsible community members. They are coached on various basic life skills including;
  • Good behavior
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Discovery and nurture talents
  • Basic Farming Skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • Taking care of the environment
We also encourage them to interact together during group activities in order to learn new ideas and how to interact with others. The group activities include;
  • Meals – we provide one meal and one drink once a week during the school sessions and three times a week during holidays.
  • Painting – we provide books, colors, crayon etc.
  • Field trips and Excursions – we arrange visits to various sites and places for sightseeing and exposure in order to appreciate nature.
  • Exchange forum – with children from other countries e.g. Japanese EKS program

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SOMO Initiative

Somo is a Swahili word meaning a study subject. In this program, we aim to assist the school going children from ages 6 – 19 years with school uniforms and stationery in order to keep them going to school. As an organization, we also provide free stationery such as books, rulers, erasers, bags, pencils, crayons, and pens as most parents cannot afford to provide these materials for their children. In addition, we also provide financial assistance to children whose parents cannot afford the initial funds to send their children to school and also keep them going to school. Included in this program are also the students who have dropped out of school for various reasons whom we aim to send back to school by providing the initial funds to do so.

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Interact with me

This is an advocacy and empowerment program for the community. It has different components which include advocacy, sensitization, mentorship, and training on the following broad areas;

  • HIV/AIDS – targets youth and young adults
  • Reproductive Health – for young adults
  • Gender-Based Violence – for the youth and young adults
  • Alcoholism and drugs abuse – for the whole community
  • Mentorship of the youth

Our staff members play the key role of community mobilization, sensitization, and training on these topics throughout the calendar year.

Sanitary Towels Distribution

Since the residents of Soweto slum are low income earners, they cannot afford to buy sanitary towels for their adolescent daughters every month, and as a result, these girls miss out of class during their menstrual flow hence lagging behind in class for 3-4 days every month.

In order to keep the girls in school, as an organization we came up with a program of providing sanitary towels from well-wishers which we distribute to the school going girls.

With time we realized that the young women not necessarily school going were also in need of these sanitary towels and we also allowed them into the program. The sanitary towels are distributed once every month.

We are also working with Moja – Stitch for education in order to provide women and teen girls with more sustainable menstrual product by donating Reusable sanitary towel and menstrual cup.

If you want to help us keep girls in school doing their period, you can help by donate $4 for a menstrual cup.

Nishike Mkoni

Nishike Mkoni is a Swahili word meaning Hold My Hand. This is a program of empowering young adults to be self-reliant economically. We offer courses in hairdressing, computer lessons, and tailoring.

After successful completion of the course, the students can access a soft loan of K Shs20,000 (approximately $ 200) for the startup of an income-generating project. The loan has a grace period of two months, an interest of 1% for a term of 2 years.

Annual Events

Each year we organize events which include;

  • Teens festival (every April to 1st May) – This is a one-week event in which we run an advocacy campaign on HIV/AIDS, behavioral change, drug abuse and other issues affecting the youth. It culminates on the last day of a musical concert in which a mentor who is a local prominent personality passes the advocacy message. Other activities on this day include free HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, skating and dancing.
  • Mr. and Miss Soweto (every August)-This is an event where teenagers and young adults showcase their talents to society. This is aimed to develop their talents and grow their self-confidence.
  • Kids festival (every December) – Is a one-day fun-filled event meant for the kids to celebrate the Christmas festival together. There are fun activities which include bouncing castles, horse and camel riding, face painting, skating, water sliding, etc. In addition, we also award kids for various achievements including;

In addition, we also award kids for various achievements including;

  • Outstanding school performance,
  • Behavior improvement,
  • Talent, sports etc
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