School Sponsorship

Most of the problems in underdeveloped communities have a root in the lack of education opportunities for their people. Soweto is no exception. Take a stance against extreme poverty and sponsor one of our child's education!

School Sponsorship Program

NOTE: Due to Covid-19, most schools are still closed. However, you can still sponsor a child, and we will use the money when te schools reopen!

Hey there! Thank you for your interest in our School Sponsorship Program.

As you know, here in Soweto we face many challenges. One of the biggest challenges is related to education.

Unfortunately, many of our children can not afford to go to school. 
Without a school graduation certificate it is very difficult for them to find a job in their future and to fulfill their dreams. The payment of school fees is simply not possible for their parents and so the children spend the whole day roaming around on the streets where crime, drug addiction, abuse and teenage pregnancies are normal. 

In order to protect the children from such dangers, and to enable them to have a better future through education, we are looking for sponsors who want to give them a chance for a better life. Education is indeed, the only way to break the cycle of extreme poverty in which our community is stuck.

For any questions, please contact:
[email protected]
+49 176 64957195

Procedure of the Sponsorship

After a successful sponsorship, your sponsored child can go to school and a dream comes true. Finally learning with friends, finally discovering math, english and geography and finally being part of it as a school child. The payment of school fees is very easy via Paypal, as this service provider can keep transaction costs abroad low. So that your sponsored child can stay in school for the following years, we ask you to transfer the required school fees annually. You will receive a reminder by email two months before the end of the school year and we  ask you to transfer the amount up to one month before the start of the new year. If there are undesired payment bottlenecks, we only run a small risk of having to take your sponsored child away from school. A sponsorship supports the child until they graduate from school. According to how old your sponsored child is and what the level of education is, the sponsorship lasts as long as possible.

As a sponsor, you will of course regularly receive an update on the development of your sponsored child. We keep you updated at least 3 times a year and surprise you with little things such as pictures, stories, a painted picture as a photo or a video message - you will surely be happy.


We accompany children who we can often send straight to school without any problems immediately after paying the school fees. These children have papers and are just waiting to pack their things and dash to school. For this standard sponsorship, we ask for support of $ 50 a year. School fees, school uniform, exams, books and writing tools are included. In the case of children that need to go to secondary school, School fees are usually more expensive. Here we are looking for holistic support or partial support for school fees of 50$ a year.


We accompany many children in difficult situations. For example, if a child has no papers - that is, for example, no birth certificate. Unfortunately, this condition is not uncommon and some schools only accept children with a birth certificate. Here we have the opportunity to send the corresponding child to a private school at short notice, where the papers are not required, or to provide permanent help and support the parents in obtaining certificates. We always opt for long-term support and are looking for sponsors who can make a small contribution of $ 15 with the first donation to enable the procurement of certificates, so the first year contribution will be 65$ and the next years will be 50$.


Children with a disability, be it physiological or psychological, require special attention and therefore also support. Parents with children who have a disability have a very difficult time in Kenya because the costs of education are very high, so they have to look after them all day and cannot work. For your support, we ask for 150 $ annually so that we can send the kids to an extra school where they get the attention they deserve.


These are the Children that already have a sponsor! We are very grateful to all the sponsors who are giving a bit of themselves in order to provide education to these amazing kids.
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