School Sponsorship

Most of the problems in underdeveloped communities have a root in the lack of education opportunities for their people. Soweto is no exception. Take a stance against extreme poverty and sponsor one of our child's education!

Esther Robi

Esther has been sponsored by Farah from Malaysia. Farah, thank you so much for enabling Esther to have an education!

Geburtstag: 24th of April 2006

Esther is thirteen years old and lives with four of her seven siblings and her mother in the Soweto Slums in Kahawa, Nairobi.After the first husband of Esther's mother passed away, she met the father of her four last children. He daily humiliated Esther, her siblings and her mother and exposed her in public. After a few years of humiliation, he left the family, burned down their entire house and all the papers, such as birth certificates, and looked for a new family.

Because all children have no papers, we looked for sponsors who are willing to pay a small surcharge in the first year to help the family with the new paper application.

Esther would like to become a primary school teacher and teach children math. Even if she never went to school, she studies hard in the organization and tries to keep up with others in her age.
In her free time she likes to play with friends, reads magazines and loves to dance. Every Sunday she goes to church with her sisters and friends and loves to sing to gospel music. Her favourite colour is blue and she prefers to spend her time with her sisters.

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