School Sponsorship

Most of the problems in underdeveloped communities have a root in the lack of education opportunities for their people. Soweto is no exception. Take a stance against extreme poverty and sponsor one of our child's education!

Sheila Achieng

Sheila has been sponsored by Aline Meixner from Germany. Aline, thank you so much for enabling Sheila to have an education!

Sheila Achieng - 18 Years Old

Birthday: 20th of July 2002

Sheila is eighteen years old and lives with her mother and three of her five sisters in the Soweto slums in Kahawa, Nairobi. Her mother earns her money by cooking for a nearby school. Unfortunately, her father died when she was very young. Sheila's dream is to work as a surgeon and help sick people. Her favourite colour is purple. Sheila graduated from elementary school in 2017 and switched to secondary school a year later. Due to a lack of school fees, she is currently unable to attend school.

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