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Soweto Youth Initiative es una organización comunitaria registrada. Fundada en 1999 por Julius Odero como un club scout llamado "Soweto Club". Más tarde, a medida que la organización creció más allá del movimiento scout, cambió de nombre hasta llegar al que presenta actualmente. Su objetivo principal es nutrir y empoderar a la comunidad, a los jóvenes y a las personas discapacitadas para que todos puedan convertirse en ciudadanos responsables a través del desarrollo social, físico y espiritual.

Lea Kabitzsch

"Sponsor a Child" Coordinator & Ambassador

Hi! My name is Lea Sophie Kabitzsch, I am 24 years old, grew up in Germany and successfully completed my dual business studies in Marketing and Management in 2019. Since then I’ve been traveling the world and working as a volunteer in various organizations related to childcare and the advancement of women. I stayed in the Soweto Youth Initiative for one and a half months and were able to get a closer look at many of their amazing projects. I’ve found my passion for the school-sponsorship-program (hiperligação) and it became my heart project. I took permanent responsibility for this project and was able to find sponsors for over 30 kids so far. Seeing the kids happy and giving them a future is one of the greatest things I’ve ever experienced in my life. My goal is to change this passion into a career and take kids from everywhere in the world to school and help them to chase their dreams.

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