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Soweto Youth Initiative is een geregistreerde organisatie in Nairobi. Het is opgericht in 1999 door Julius Odero als een scouting, onder de naam "Soweto Club". Toen de organisatie groeide tot meer dan alleen een scouting is de naam veranderd naar zoals we deze vandaag kennen. Het belangrijkste doel is om de gemeenschap te helpen en ook in staat te stellen zichzelf te helpen. Hierdoor krijgen jongeren, maar ook mensen met een beperking en ouderen een kans om om zicht te ontwikkelen op zowel sociaal, fysiek en spiritueel vlak.

Gitte Jespersen

Ambassador ”Sanitary Towel Distribution”

My name is Gitte, I’m from Denmark. Being born and raise in a develop country, without never have to think about my next meal, where to sleep or how to be able to pay for school, have make me develop a passion to find a way to help the less fortunate. I came to Kenya for the first time in 2015. Here I lived in Soweto for 2 months. I came here to work as a volunteer at an orphanage, but ended up losing my heart to the teenage girls. The injustice between the sexes here put my inner feminist to a boiling point and I swore to come back and fight the battle along with them. I have subsequently founded my own organization in Denmark called, Moja - Stitch for education, here we sew reusable sanitary towels and fundraise for menstrual cups to schoolgirls in Kenya. Getting to know Georg and the rest of the team in Soweto Youth Initiative was a game changer for me. We have now worked together for more than 5 years, raising money for school fee, food, toilet and sanitary towels. I have travel around Kenya with help from Bonface to donate reusable pads to vulnerable schoolgirls. At the same time we teach both girls and boys in sex education. I believe that education is the best way to get equal opportunities between the sexes and help girls and women to raise their voice! At the time of writing, I have visiting Kenya 10 times of an average of 6 weeks, and donated more than 10,000 reusable sanitary towels and cups!

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