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De meeste problemen in onderontwikkelde gemeenschappen zijn geworteld in een gebrek aan onderwijskansen voor hun mensen. Soweto is geen uitzondering. Neem een standpunt in tegen extreme armoede en sponsor de opleiding van één van onze kinderen!

Grace Waithera

Grace Waithera - 10 Years Old

Birthday: 19th of October 2010

Grace is ten years old and has lived with a disability since she was little. I sat down with her and her mother for a long time and they honestly told me their story.
Grace was born fourth in a seemingly happy family. The birth went well and after a few days she was able to go home with her mother. When Grace was three years old and was supposed to start running, her mother became more and more worried that something was wrong with her daughter. She didn't start walking, so her mother carried her to the hospital, where the doctors found her limbs deformed. When her father found out about his daughter's disability, he became increasingly dismissive of her and her mother. Such a thing should not happen in his family and shortly afterwards he left mother and children and drove them from his property. The mother grabbed her children and moved to a small house in Kahawa West. The new community welcomed the family well and cared for Grace. Grace has had therapy every week since the disability was discovered and her legs have not undergone further training since then. Her mother carries her through the village every day because the streets are too humped for the wheelchair.
Grace is currently in third grade and her big dream is to become a pilot. She would like to travel the world and tell her siblings stories from far away places. In her free time, she likes to learn, play with her younger siblings, cook and play mother-child. Her favorite color is pink. Grace is a very clever kid, trapped in a body that doesn't have the strength to run alone.

To sponsor Grace, we ask for 150 $ annually so that we can send her to an extra school where she can get the attention she deserves.

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