School Sponsorprogramma

De meeste problemen in onderontwikkelde gemeenschappen zijn geworteld in een gebrek aan onderwijskansen voor hun mensen. Soweto is geen uitzondering. Neem een standpunt in tegen extreme armoede en sponsor de opleiding van één van onze kinderen!

Eunice Wambui

Eunice has been sponsored by Paula Sofie from Germany. Paula, thank you so much for enabling Eunice to have an education!

Eunice Wambui - 6 Years Old

Birthday: 06th of July 2016

Eunice is six years old and lives with her Guardian and four siblings in the Soweto Slums in Kahawa, Nairobi. Her story is marked by several strokes of fate. After her father left her mother for another family, her mother fell into a deep depression and remarried to her second husband. She started drinking and didn't pay attention to the bruises that kept coming up at Junice's body. Unfortunately, her new stepfather didn't mean very well with her and harassed Eunice almost every day. Fortunately, her uncle took a visit a year ago and took Eunice with him, where she continues to grow up protected until today.
Eunice has the dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher because she loves teaching young children something.
She prefers to eat french fries and in her free time she likes to help with the dishes and in the household. Her favorite color is green and at school she likes that she can finally learn how to write correctly.

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