School Sponsorprogramma

De meeste problemen in onderontwikkelde gemeenschappen zijn geworteld in een gebrek aan onderwijskansen voor hun mensen. Soweto is geen uitzondering. Neem een standpunt in tegen extreme armoede en sponsor de opleiding van één van onze kinderen!

Loise Nyaboke

Loise has been sponsored by Mia Quick from Germany. Mia, thank you so much for enabling Loise to have an education!

Birthday: 15th of May 2009

Loise is ten years old and lives with her little sister, little brother and parents in the Soweto Slums, in Nairobi. Her mother is a housewife and mostly takes care of the household and the children at home. If she gets the chance, she takes any job she can get, her father works as a bricklayer, trying to keep the family afloat

It is already clear to Loise that she would like to become a doctor and treat other people fairly.

She loves to play with her neighbor's guitar and to help her mother in the household and with her siblings. Her mother describes Loise as a hard worker, fair friend and caring daughter.

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