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De meeste problemen in onderontwikkelde gemeenschappen zijn geworteld in een gebrek aan onderwijskansen voor hun mensen. Soweto is geen uitzondering. Neem een standpunt in tegen extreme armoede en sponsor de opleiding van één van onze kinderen!

Michael Olunga

Michael Olunga - 17 Years Old

Birthday: 28th of August 2002

Michael is seventeen years old and lives in the Soweto Slums in Kahawa, Nairobi. He lives in a small room in the Soweto Youth Initiative and watches over the organization and the office every day. He has two older brothers with whom he likes to spend his time. His mother also lives in the slums and sells groceries on the street and his father unfortunately died when Michael was very young. Michael's dream is to work as a judge or lawyer later and to help people stand up for their rights. In his free time, he enjoys reading novels, listening to local music and playing soccer with friends. He works hard for his
goals and never sets them too low. Michael successfully completed elementary school in 2017 and then attended secondary school for a year. Unfortunately the money became too scarce and he was denied access to further training.

Michael's sponsorship consists of 50$ every year.

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