School Sponsorprogramma

De meeste problemen in onderontwikkelde gemeenschappen zijn geworteld in een gebrek aan onderwijskansen voor hun mensen. Soweto is geen uitzondering. Neem een standpunt in tegen extreme armoede en sponsor de opleiding van één van onze kinderen!

Nicolas Muturi

Nicolas has been sponsored by Andrea Becker from Germany. Andrea, thank you so much for enabling Nicolas to have an education!

Birthday: 4th of April 2001

Nicolas Muturi is sixteen years old and lives together with his younger sisters and older brother at his grandmothers place. Since his mother died in 2005, Nicolas was raised by his loving father. Unfortunately, he also passed away this year and has made the children to orphans.

Despite these heavy strokes of fate, Nicolas is a very positive boy. His big dream is to become a police officer and to ensure justice in life. In his free time he likes to play football with his friends, he likes to dance for his life and loves to laugh with friends and family.

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